Organisations that regularly transport people with disabilities can apply for an Australian Disability Parking (ADP) Permit (for organisations). ADP Permits (for organisations) are assigned to vehicles and display the vehicle registration on the permit. They last a maximum of 12 months.

When you apply you'll need to tell us:

  • what type of work your organisation undertakes
  • why your organisation needs the permits
  • how many permits you need
  • how many drivers and vehicles your organisation has
  • who is the contact for your organisation.

As part of the application process you will need to provide documented evidence to council of:

  • businesses registration
  • proof vehicles are registered to your business.

This material will need to be sighted by council when you go to pick up permits.

  • Failure to provide the documentation will result in unsuccessful applications.
  • Permits will not be mailed to your organisation.

Adding new permits and expiry dates

You can apply to add new permits to your organisation's fleet throughout the year however all permits will expire on the same date (the date of the oldest permit). You will then need to reapply for all permits for the next 12 months.

Replacing lost, stolen or damaged permits

You can request replacements for damaged, lost or stolen Accessible Parking Permits online. Replacement permits must be picked up from council.

Before you can collect your permit, you will be required to provide proof of identity and the following appropriate supporting documentation:

  • the damaged permit (if replacing)
  • a statutory declaration for a lost permit
  • a statutory declaration or a police report for a stolen permit.


Need further help with an assessment?

Our dedicated support site provides detailed help for organisations on how to apply for, renew or replace lost, stolen or damaged organisation permits.